The office is organized in two working groups: “BIANCHETTI Architettura” and “BIANCHETTI Design”. As far as architecture is concerned, several projects have been planned and implemented both for private (houses, offices, factories and hotels) and public clients (schools, hospitals, museums, old people’s homes, spas and thermal baths, expositions and trade fairs).

With regard to urban design and color, several color plans have been developed as well as city squares, lakeside promenades and green areas. The other group, “BIANCHETTI design”, has been collaborating with several companies for many years, gaining thus experience in various fields.


Employees of the Study

Pierluigi Alba architect - Fabrizio Bolongaro designer - Giuliana Camera designer - CINZIA CATENA architect  - Gianfranco Ciuffo architect - Roberto Cranna architect - Maura Daverio architect - Luigi Dho engineer - Francesca Del Pesco designer - Valentina Donadio designer - Massimiliano Falciola surveyor - Fabio Langhi architect - Karina Martinez designer - Giancarla Martinoli architect - GABRIELE MEDINA architect - ARCANGELO MORANDI surveyor  - Silvio Porta surveyor - Giancarlo Primatesta architect - LUCA SACCHI architect  - Luciana Signor architect - Yang Wu designer